Dr. Spyder Lawson - Veterinarian

Dr. Spyder was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager, she worked as a kennel and grooming assistant, as well as a pet store clerk.

She received her Associate’s degree in Animal Science with Honors from Suffolk College in NY, and spent over 20 years as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, wife, and mother, before moving to Scotland to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

She graduated with Commendation, from the University of Glasgow, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Her special interests are surgery, client involvement, communication, and education. She is an advocate for compassionate hospice and euthanasia.

Dr. Spyder shares her home with 4 elderly Dachshunds, and a very vocal Eclectus parrot, however, there are often fosters, rescues, and recovering pets passing through

In her downtime, Dr. Spyder is a gun aficionado and enjoys target shooting. She also collects coins and can be seen pursuing local coin shows and pawn shops for hidden treasures.

Now that she has come to beautiful sunny Florida, she has begun daily bicycling and hopes to work her way up to a marathon.

She is a very caring and dedicated veterinarian who would love to meet your fur babies!