Dr. Spyder Lawson - Veterinarian

“Dr. Spyder” to all... was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

She knew at a young age that she wanted to become a veterinarian but family and financial concerns made it a seemingly unattainable dream.

As a teenager she worked in many animal-related positions including kennel attendant and assistant. She could often be seen feeding and caring for the many stray cats and dogs in her neighborhood.

In 1991 Dr. Spyder moved to Long Island, NY to follow the love of her life. They raised 4 children while she earned a degree in Veterinary Technology with Honors. She worked as a licensed vet tech for over 20 years, devoting much of her attention to affordable pet care as well as client and community education. She participated in town rabies clinics, spoke at local schools about pet care, and trained future vet tech students.

At 46, with the kids grown, she was finally able to follow her lifelong dream. She packed up and moved to the United Kingdom with her dachshund, Oakley, were she attended The University of Glasgow. While there Dr. Spyder volunteered at a bird sanctuary on a remote Scottish island, traveled to the South of France to work with camels and alpacas, and hitchhiked daily to deliver lambs on an icy Scottish production farm.

She graduated with honors as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, and is a member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Along the way, she adopted 3 more dachshunds, Fig Newton, Mouse, and Watson. They are a never-ending source of love and fun in her life.

As a result of caring for the Brooklyn street animals and working with lost cost facilities, Dr Spyder has become an advocate for spaying and neutering.

She believes in an inescapable human-animal bond, and feels that pet owners should be interactive in the care of their pets. As part of this belief, she is also committed to providing peaceful hospice and humane euthanasia when the need arises.

Dr. Spyder is active in community food and clothes drives and participates in many charitable events including Cars for Kids, Tots for Tots and Operation Santa Claus. She has been involved in private fundraising for children with illnesses and disabilities, as well as church fundraising for at-risk women and children.

She is an avid coin collector and gun aficionado, and spends her free time target shooting and perusing coin stores for new treasures.

Dr. Spyder moved to sunny Florida and joined the team at Fountains of Boynton Animal Hospital in January of 2022. She looks forward to caring for your special babies!!